Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee’s purpose is to raise funds to ensure the financial viability and stability of C.A.U.S.E. Members of this committee will work under the supervision of our Treasurer and together will find the best way to translate C.A.U.S.E.’s core objectives to potential donors.

Public Relations Committee 

The primary responsibility of the public relations committee is to strategically create awareness in our workplace, community, and on social media platforms of C.A.U.S.E.’s objectives and activities using a variety of tools to impact public opinion and in doing so, promote the goals & values of our organization. 

Recruitment Committee 

The primary responsibility of the recruitment committee is to develop strategies & petitions that encourage coworkers & community members to join C.A.U.S.E. This committee will also be responsible for following up with any coworkers & community members that respond to our business cards, emails, flyers, and etc. 

Grievance Committee

The primary responsibility of the grievance committee is to help the C.A.U.S.E. better understand the needs of all Amazon workers, and to translate those needs into effective demands to management meeting those needs. This committee also plays a proactive role in examining and anticipating workers’ future needs.